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Alternative Therapy
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Welcome to the transformative "Pranic Wisdom Experience Package" at the picturesque Pearl Island Resort in Tatlisu | Esentepe, Northern Cyprus.


This groundbreaking healing week is a harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, combining the renowned Pranic Healing with the revolutionary Energy Enhancement System (EES).


This innovative synergy promises a holistic journey towards well-being, spiritual growth, and unprecedented healing.


What sets this experience apart is that, for the first time in the world, Pranic Healing and EES are seamlessly integrated to create a powerful and transformative healing experience.

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Pranic Healing is a system of energy manipulation utilizing prana to balance and transform the body's energy processes.


Developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy healing practice that treats physical ailments through the subtle energy body.


The course helps you to empower yourself with practical tools for a healthy lifestyle. Learn aura scanning, energy cleansing, chakras, distant healing, divine healing, self-healing, and powerful breathing techniques.


Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Course unlocks the ancient secrets of meditation and teaches techniques to achieve oneness with your higher soul, experience soul realization stages, and discover the divine nature within you.

What is Energy Enhancement System (EES):

The Energy Enhancement System generates multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including scalar waves, promoting cell regeneration, immune function, pain relief, detoxification, elevated moods, and balanced brain hemispheres.


Developed by Dr. SandraRose Michael, the EESystem is recognized globally for its positive impact on well-being. Combined with Pranic Healing, this synergy accelerates the healing process, providing a unique and powerful experience.


Your Pranic Wisdom Experience includes:

  • Airport Transfers: Seamless travel with transfers to and from Larnaca airport.

  • Studio apartment accommodation at Pearl Island Resort.

  • Daily breakfast and lunch offering a delectable range of culinary delights.

  • Comprehensive Pranic Healing® program, including the Basic Pranic Healing and Achieving Oneness courses.

  • Energy Enhancement System (EES) session designed to generate bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, promoting holistic well-being.

  • Pranic Healing practice sessions, allowing hands-on experience in this powerful energy healing modality.

  • Access to course materials, including books, and an app brimming with additional resources, meditations, and more to deepen your journey into Pranic Wisdom.

  • Guided meditations, creating a serene and harmonious start to your day.

Join us for the "Pranic Wisdom Experience" dedicated to your well-being, spiritual growth, and relaxation. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, harnessing the ancient wisdom of Pranic Healing and the innovative Energy Enhancement System, complemented by the enlightening "Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul" course, for a holistic and transformative experience that marks a historic milestone in healing practices.

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