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Discover the enchanting fusion of ancient wisdom and modern healing at the Magdalene Peace Prophecies Revealed Retreat, hosted by Petra & Anna from Mary Magdalene's School.


This 7-day spiritual journey, taking place from May 5th to 12th, invites you to delve into Mystery School teachings alongside cutting-edge healing technologies like the transformative Energy Enhancement System (EES) at Miericoast Healing Center in Cyprus.

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Your Retreat Experience:

  • Guided by Mary Magdalene: Explore Cyprus as a sacred portal, unlocking hidden records and embracing the legacy of Mary Magdalene's annual gatherings on Joseph of Arimathea's estate.

  • Melchizedek Wisdom: Explore profound wisdom from the Mystery School line, transcendent and timeless understandings of reality beyond earthly limitations.

  • Ark of the Covenant Activation: Join the mission to access creation codes, awaken cosmic seeds, and contribute to the birth of a New Civilization of Love—a journey guided by Lord Melchizedek and Mary Magdalene.

EES Healing Center:

  • Groundbreaking Healing Sanctuary: Stay at the Miericoast Healing Centre, Cyprus' first  Energy Enhancement System (EES), fostering rejuvenation and transformation.

  • EES Sessions: Immerse yourself in daily sessions in the EES room, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Experience the power of scalar waves for cell regeneration, improved circulation, pain relief, and more.

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Your All-inclusive Retreat includes:

  • Spiritual Teachings: Engage in daily transmissions, spiritual circles, and EES sessions, exploring sacred sites and the healing power of the sea.

  • All-Inclusive Package: Enjoy seven nights of accommodation, nutritious meals, energy work, and frequency therapy.

Embark on a journey where ancient wisdom meets contemporary healing, offering you profound insights, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. Limited spaces are available, so secure your spot now for a week of blissful transformation! 

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